Are you ready for a change but don’t know where to begin?
Are you tired of wasting precious time being stressed, unhappy, and unfulfilled?
Are you ready to start thriving instead of merely surviving?


If you are tired of procastinating and constantly putting yourself last then . . .

it's time to claim your


What does SWAGGER mean?

What I’m talking about stands for:

SW – Self-worth

A – Appreciation for your strengths and limitations

G – Gratitude for how your life experiences have helped shape who you are

G – Grounded in your core values

E – Empowered to overcome your self-limiting beliefs

R – Renewed through a greater focus on your passion and purpose

Imagine if...

You weren't just struggling to get by every day . . . you were actually living.

 You were excited about what's coming in the future, and that your best days are ahead of you (not behind you).

You didn't constantly feel overwhelmed or stressed out & could you could say goodbye to living in survival mode.

You could recognize your past, embrace it and have gratitude for what it taught you.

You can change your life right now . . . all you have to do is say "yes".

Trust me, your future self will thank you.


Hi, I'm Jennifer Mrozek Sukalo

I'm a  recovering perfectionist, lifelong learner, and survivor of life’s trials and tribulations. I’ve dedicated my life to helping people, and now I’m here to support you.

I’m a transformational expert, performance coach, and creator of SWAGGER U – a personal development approach to harnessing your untapped potential and becoming who you were born to be.

Jennifer Mrozek Sukalo Swagger U

Companies have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for my expertise, and now I’m sharing all that with you – access to the knowledge and learning I’ve amassed through:

  • my work with almost fifty thousand leaders at various multinational and Fortune 500 companies
  • my experience with cancer survivors
  • my own SWAGGER journey
  • my time spent as a fitness instructor and fitness master trainer

My work in behavioral change, leadership development, and coaching cancer survivors to transform their circumstances from “survival” to a “spark for the rest of their lives” laid the groundwork for everything you’re going to learn with the SWAGGER method.

What others have said about Swagger U!

"I landed on this book and was so grateful. As a coach, it helped me with exercises for clients and myself. An inspiring look at how to get yourself unstuck and thriving! In one of my favorite lines from the book Jennifer writes, "The idea that people can choose the way they think is one of the most significant findings in psychological research over the last two decades ... you can determine how you think. You can determine how you think about yourself, others, and your circumstances." This line really stood out for me as a core tenant of Sukalo's book. We all have agency over our lives. The difference between thriving and surviving is being able to unleash that agency and use it. GREAT READ!~ Highly recommend it!"

Lady Fuller

"Encouraging, thought provoking, non-judgemental; this book drew me in to explore my life and how I feel about my past and present self. The stories and scientific information helped with understanding and clarifying. I didn’t feel like I was being pushed to find the “right answers” but that I was being helped to find the best me. I recommend this book as a must read for everyone. For all young people trying to find their path through the confusion of youth and the noise of their surroundings. For those at a crossroads in their life. And most surprisingly for those of us who think our lives are going well, you will be amazed at the small but significant things you will find out about yourself."

Kris Poole


You can’t get anything done if you don’t begin. Your future self is pleading. Do this for you today. You’re worth it. You’ve got nothing to lose and your SWAGGER to gain.