Claim Your Swagger

Claim Your


– Stop Surviving and Start Thriving

SWAGGER is not just a word, it’s a lifestyle.
Claim Your SWAGGER is the first part of a three-book series that guides individuals from merely surviving life to thriving in it.

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Life is too precious to waste merely surviving. Claim Your SWAGGER shows readers a different path and instills the belief that their best days lie ahead—not behind them.

Informed by her work with almost fifty thousand leaders at various multinational and Fortune 500 companies, her experience with cancer survivors, and her personal journey, Jennifer Sukalo’s SWAGGER approach shows readers what makes them not only unique, but extraordinary. Claim Your SWAGGER gives readers exclusive access to what companies have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for—Jennifer’s expertise.

Claim Your SWAGGER helps readers develop a new relationship with their self-worth and learn to appreciate their strengths and limitations. Jennifer Sukalo explains how to find gratitude for the way one’s life experiences have shaped them and clarifies how to become grounded in their core values. Readers will learn to step into their power to overcome the self-limiting beliefs that hold them back and experience a sense of renewal through a greater focus on their passion and purpose.

In Claim Your SWAGGER, readers will learn by doing. Jennifer Sukalo designed the SWAGGER process to guide motivated individuals as they take exploratory steps into the next phase of their personal development. The content and activities in Claim Your SWAGGER encourage readers to make time to practice their SWAGGER daily and become the leader of their lives instead of passive survivors. They will learn to use what they already have to be at their best, perform at their best, and live their best life. They determine where their story goes from here.

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Praise for Claim Your SWAGGER:

“Claim Your SWAGGER is an extremely accessible and enjoyable read with practical exercises and “go-dos” for the reader. ”

—Tim Blakesly

Assistant Dean, Executive Education
University of Southern California Marshall School of Business

“Jennifer Sukalo combines research and real-world experience to give you tools that can immediately help you thrive.”

—Zach Mercurio, PhD

Author of The Invisible Leader:
Transform Your Life, Work, And Organization with the Power of Authentic Purpose

“I have known Jennifer for a number of years and she is one of the most thorough, knowledgeable, and professional people I have worked with. Claim Your SWAGGER is a testament to these qualities.”

—Ben Chambers

Head of Business School and Talent, People and Culture Grant Thornton UK LLP

“The word that comes to mind is WOW!”

—Deb Jeffers

Executive Director, Central California and Hawaii/Guam
American Cancer Society

“A spirited read!”

—Peter Mulford

Global Partner, Chief Innovation Officer BTS

“This is not your grandfather’s self-help book.”

—Craig R. Barrett

Retired CEO/Chairman
Intel Corporation

What readers are saying about Claim Your Swagger:

“This should be mandatory reading for people ”

“The chapters of Core Values, Self-limiting Beliefs, and Purpose REALLY resonated with me.”


"I love that it's a book/workbook!"

"It became a real page-turner!"

“I love your voice and that you break down the fourth wall! It really engaged me as a reader!”

Keep your eyes peeled for news on the next two books in the series.